Mental Health Quotes from Doctors and Politicians Worldwide


Here are 10 mental health quotes from Doctors and Politicians worldwide 

(Done By: Karen B – BSc. Psychology)

~ Stigma has certainly been an obstacle, and stigma has also affected policy. But, there was once a stigma attached to cancer with the belief that if you get it you are going to die.That’s changed and that’s what we want to do with the stigma that surrounds mental health and substance use. Have we made progress? The jury is still out. ~ Dr. David Satcher

Dr Satcher1


~ No one would ever say that someone with a broken arm or a broken leg is less than a whole person, but people say that or imply that all the time about people with mental illness. ~ Dr. Elyn R. Saks (Professor of Law, Psychology, and Psychiatry)

Dr Saks2

~ If you view mental illness from a far. I urge you to take that crucial step toward ending the stigma. Make contact and consider volunteering with a mental health support organization. Get to know the people involved and the issues they face. Most importantly get educated about the realities of mental illness ~ Dr. David Saks M.D

3Dr Saks

~ In medicine now, by treating things like high blood pressure and cholesterol, we are able to have methods of prevention for heart disease. We need to similarly develop these kinds of methods for treating depression and bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, all the psychiatric conditions.”
~ Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein

Dr Borenstein 4

~ There’s a further aspect that needs addressing as a priority – the mental health implications of the pandemic and its aftermath. We know from previous recessions that there are long-term mental health challenges when people are out of work, lose their homes, find their status and incomes diminished, or fall into poverty. The psychological effects of recession are chronic and widespread.
~ Luciana Berger (Politician UK)



~ Kids who break their leg or have their tonsils removed don’t usually need to come up with an alternate story for their absence, but depressed adolescent who recently had suicide attempt often does. Despite the progress myths surrounding mental illness still abound. ~ Dr. David Rettew M.D :Child Psychiatrist

Dr Rettew

~ A mental illness largely invisible, impacted by stigma and prejudice yet it affects more Australian workers than asbestos. So it is time the workplace starts taking mental health issues seriously. This is simple, it starts by stop treating mental illness as a taboo. ~ Dr. Tony La Montague: Professor Australia and New Zealand

Dr Tony7
~ If you had a cold, you might be able to tough it out or see your doctor for a quick visit, but if you had debilitating pneumonia, you’d need more intensive care. This is the same for mental illness. Many people have symptoms that can be managed with regular outpatient care with a therapist and a psychiatrist, but when your symptoms do not respond to this treatment, or worsen and become incapacitating, you need to go into a hospital or residential treatment program. Dr. Jess Gold M.D

Dr Jess8

~ We must strive to remove the stigma around mental illness and its treatment, overcome fear and its’ understanding, and make sure that those dealing with a mental health issue know they are not alone. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness.Taking action to help yourself is a sign of strength. ~ Barack Obama (44th President of the United States)

Barack Obama9

~ People with mental illness often feel as if they matter less than the rest of the population or that their illness is an impenetrable handicap. The process of healing depression requires the presence of loved ones in your life. You need family. You need people encouraging you, helping you make the baby steps into healing and recovery.
~Margaret Trudeau ( Former First Lady of Canada)

Margaret Trudeau10
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