Karen Byfield has empathy for the mentally ill. She has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology (BSc.) and writes on issues such as; neuropsychiatry, neuroscience, psychiatry, mental illness and mental health. She created this blog and website, out of passion: to inform, educate, and bring to the forefront issues that persons with mental health problems encounter. Most importantly fighting against mental illness stigma.  Karen is a former Bank Clerk and Administrative Assistant turned mental health advocate. She has generously contributed to society in a positive way, through ten years of volunteering in different institutions and organizations, such as; the Schizophrenia Society of Alberta, Immigrant Services, and the Women’s Centre, among others. An altruistic and well-rounded woman with varied interests, Karen subscribes to Psychology TodayWomen’s Health, and Christianity Today magazines; she also contributes monetarily to Save the Children and In Touch Ministries. Karen Loves All People.

Social Network – Twitter: @mentalperspect and @mehep4u

Contact: submission@mentalhealthplatform.com

or MEHEP4U2@gmail.com

Ontario, Canada