#SantaWearsAMask- Santa Claus is on His Merry Way

Drawings by artist: Demi K B.


As we all know, December is a time of the year when many kids are looking for gifts. Most importantly many of these kids are looking for Santa to arrive, eat that cookie, drink that milk and leave the presents under the Christmas tree. However, like many of us, the year 2020 has been quite tumultuous, with a lot of trepidations, chaos, pandemonium as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic (Coronavirus).

Santa is not immune to these problems and has been taking note. Santa has declared “come hell or high water” to deliver those presents on time to every household. According to the CTV news lifestyle website in Canada, “The Santa Claus Office, located in the Arctic Circle of Rovaniemi, Finland, closed its doors in late March due to COVID-19 but has since resumed operations.” Now, if you are wondering if Santa will be a super-spreader, no need to worry, as noted in an article written by Bruce Y. Lee for Forbes.com website, world- famous physician Dr. Anthony Fauci said that “he personally gave Claus the Covid-19 vaccine.”

As seen in the photos depicted below, Mr. Claus is taking extra pre-cautionary measures and has decided to wear a mask along with his elf and reindeer. If Mr. Santa Claus can wear a mask, so can you. So let us get on our Merry Way eh.

Written By: By Karen B.